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Root (de son vrai nom Samantha Groves) est une hackeuse très intelligente et une ancienne tueuse à gages connue sous son pseudo de piratage « Root ». Catégorie: Pages avec des liens de fichiers brisés. Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence CC-BY-SA Person of Interest Wiki также доступна на русском языке. Посмотрите: Подозреваемый вики. Root is slightly cookoo so we can't really pin her down, I just wonder what type of person the machine is, and what IT believes to be right or wrong; we can't expect it to be like superman just because it's.. Person of Interest — Season 1 (Flashbacks in parentheses). 101 Pilot (Reese). 109 Get Carter (Carter). 117 Baby Blue. 102 Ghosts (Finch). 110 Number Crunch. 118 Identity Crisis. 103 Mission Creep (Reese). 111 Super (Finch). 119 Flesh and Blood (Elias). 104 Cura Te Ipsum Root Cause is the thirteenth episode of the first season of the American television drama series Person of Interest. It is the 13th overall episode of the series and is written by Erik Mountain and directed by Richard J. Lewis Person of Interest is an American science fiction crime drama television series that aired on CBS from September 22, 2011, to June 21, 2016, its five seasons comprising 103 episodes

Person of Interest - Mr. Greer and Root (Human Nature) - Продолжительность: 2:57 Bruno Fernandes Pereira 30 843 просмотра. Person of Interest - Admin is not Admin - Продолжительность: 4:59 snatchingsouls 343 898 просмотров When it started out, Person Of Interest just looked like a show about being unkillable and kicking ass. More and more, it's become a show about working Although everyone gets a spotlight turn in Root Path, at its center, the episode is about the return of Root, and her reluctant coming to terms with the.. PART 3 All Shaw/Root scenes from episode 3x20 to episode 3x23 (and part of Root's final monologue at the end of the season finale). This channel is from me.. Last night, Person of Interest was back to being the kind of show that makes it required viewing. In fact, the team behind POI delivered one of the better episodes of the season by telling the story of a family man down on his luck set up to be a patsy in a political assassination

Person of Interest - Root's Soul Leaving Her Body. Maarika. 11. 60. Person of Interest - Root and Shaw Suits #person of interest #poiedit #root x shaw #sameen shaw #root #this has been in my drafts for seven months apparently #but the people wanted a gifset of this scene so lemme post it randomly now #this exchange was such a perfect last one #root getting one more line in #shaw finally smiling at it!! #and..

Person of Interest is a crime drama with science fiction elements, specifically the existence of an Artificial Intelligence. It is set in post-September 11, 2001, New York City, with current action airing in real time (an episode that airs in 2013 also takes place in 2013).. Person of Interest, senaryosu Jonathan Nolan tarafından yazılan, ABD'de CBS televizyonu tarafından yayınlanan bilim kurgu, suç, drama, gerilim dizi filmi. Türkiye'de CNBC-e ve e2 'de yayınlanmaktadır. İzleniyorsunuz Devletin gizli bir sistemi var. Sizi günün her saati, her dakikası izleyen bir makine

Person of Interest fans, I do believe we have met our hero Harold Finch's ARCHENEMY. I'm not in the business of doubting Person of Interest, as it has succeeded in surprising and impressing me so very much over the past few weeks, but the fact that he's never even mentioned anymore does seem.. Root / Samantha Groves (Amy Acker). Root was a highly intelligent computer hacker and former contract killer known by her hacker name Root. She had a special relationship with The Machine, an AI, and was the only one to be in frequent and direct contact with it, acting as The Machine's 'Analog.. As the series heads to a finish, Person of Interest star Amy Acker looks back on Root's origins and her relationship with Shaw. At the Dallas Comic-Con Fan Expo, Person of Interest star Amy Acker took the stage, in the wake of the show's big 100th episode, for a Q&A session with fans where she spoke.. Reese continues hunting Finch and discovers a secret about the mysterious Root on Person of Interest. Root is fantastically played by Amy Acker, who provides for a multifaceted character with devious undertones. As much as she seems friendly and sweet, she's also ruthless and a little nuts

Root is tasked to save a janitor, and so has Finch and his team. While we learn a lot about the janitor his history is only really relevant to Root. His current job is why everyone wants him. Cyrus the janitor is one of the few people who has access to a newly developed super conducting processor that is fast.. Subreddit for the CBS television series, Person of Interest. Starring Jim Caviezel & Michael Emerson. A subreddit dedicated to the CBS television series, Person of Interest . A former CIA operative is recruited by an enigmatic billionaire to prevent violent crimes Person of Interest - Season 1 Episode Reviews. The alias chosen by the villain in the background is Root. The Root user or superuser is a user on Unix-like systems with full administrative privileges Person of Interest is an American action television series that stars Michael Emerson (Lost) as Harold Finch, a mysterious billionaire who has developed for the US government a computer system, a Machine that predicts the identity of people connected to future violent crimes or terrorist acts Person of Interest is one of the most unique shows on TV today. It has built a large fan base that reaches from America to China to Turkey to France and Don't let a show we love so much disappear. And that includes all characters, Reese, Finch, Fusco, Root, Shaw, and Bear! We want either a redo..

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  1. List of Person of Interest episodes. Language. Watch. Edit. Person of Interest is an American science fiction crime drama television series created for CBS by Jonathan Nolan, who serves as an executive producer alongside J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Chris Fisher, Greg Plageman, and Denise Thé
  2. Bienvenue sur Series of interest. Si vous rencontrez un problème pour vous connecter ou vous inscrire, vous pouvez nous contacter, nous répondrons Autrefois, ce forum était dédié exclusivement à Person of Interest. Aujourd'hui, la Team Machine vogue vers d'autres cieux. et le forum s'est élargi..
  3. Disclaimer : To all who may be interested in watching the show for Root and Shaw, please be advised the lead male actor is, in real life, one of those creepy anti-abortion conservative Christians and who funded the guy who got his name named after the mixture of well you can look it up if you want..

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Find out where Person of Interest was filmed. Cities: Congers, Long Beach, Mt. Vernon, New Rochelle, Ossining, White Plains, Jersey City Finch talks to Reese about the machine in pilot episode. Root walks with Finch to Bethesda Terrace in their search for Lawrence Szilard in episode.. Person of Interest has been dealing with some heavy themes lately — determinism, artificial intelligence, surveillance, posthumanity — and the hacker known as Root has been at the center of all of them. We talked to Amy Acker, who plays Root, and she told us what to expect from Root's.. This list includes all of the Person of Interest main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below. If you are wondering, Who are the actors from Person of Interest? or Who starred on Person of Interest? then this list will help you answer those questions Main article: Harold Finch (Person of Interest). Harold Finch (played by Michael Emerson) is a reclusive billionaire software engineer who After Finch is rescued from Root, Zoe once again assists Reese with his latest person of interest, Maxine Angelis, by posing to be one of John's ex-girlfriends

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Person Of Interest'i kurtar 4 yanıt, xeno7 -. dizi nasıl? dizinin spin-offu çıkabilrmiş 4 yanıt, root3141 -. Dizinin final yapması 1 yanıt, pantegra -. Diziye başlama nedenim 1 yanıt, Poşet Çay The timing of Person of Interest comes at a height of fear of the 'Bury Your Gays' or 'Lesbian Death' trope. And I completely understand that. I guess I'm just trying to plead: before you make snap judgements about Person of Interest, or indeed Root and Shaw, perhaps watch the show Person of interest means we don't have enough to arrest; suspect means we do. Chief Smith said: Witnesses described a bald white male with a 'wifebeater' shirt as being at the scene of the crime. He is a person of interest in this case and we would like to talk to him The Machine gives Reese and Finch the number of a down-and-out man who has been pushed too far, and they're forced to turn to former Person of Interest Zoe Morgan for help Critics Consensus: Person of Interest concludes in a satisfying fifth season that both deepens the characters that audiences have grown to love and Critics Consensus: Person of Interest is a well made and well acted espionage procedural, though its characters aren't terribly well developed and its..

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The plan works, and the look on Root's face when she finds Shaw in the middle of the store speaks volume about their relationship, which provides the episode with its emotional backbone. Person of Interest's makeup team also deserves a huge shoutout for the work they did on Shahi today Missing scene to Person of Interest episode 1x05 Judgement. Between John being shot by the boys kidnappers and returning to the library and Finch. Root survives the events of 5x10 and is forced into hiding until Samaritan is defeated. When the Machine reunites her with Shaw, the pair soon discover.. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Incorrect Person Of Interest quotes. If you have any suggestions feel free to submit them. this was longer than i wanted oops shoot root x shaw sameen shaw root harold finch incorrect poi person of interest Q: she's the man ← Previous - personality. person of interest. Peruvian dancing dust - Next →. Slang terms with the same root words. Other terms relating to 'interest': FYI. Definitions include: acronym for for your information Reese's latest person of interest becomes a personal quest after he learns that she's the sister of Reese infiltrates a smuggling ring to get close to his latest person of interest who may be hiding Reese and Fusco wade into a dangerous turf battle, Finch and Root hope a new clue will help them..

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Do You Remember These Game-Changing Person Of Interest Moments? 2. Root vs. Martine. In what may be one of the most epic gunfights, Root goes head-to-head with a Samaritan operative. Root wasn't sure of the outcome, but she sure knew what was at risk Has just been added to the Person of Interest Slash page of Slash Archive. Crossposted to Chance's Archive, Chance's Archive on Tumblr and Chance's Archive blog. Character: Samantha Root Groves. Genre: tanka poetry. Summary: Root sees what Shaw is and what Shaw isn't Person of Interest is a science fiction action-thriller TV series that started airing in September 2011 on CBS. It was created by Jonathan Nolan and developed along with J Root, A.K.A. Samantha Groves (Amy Acker), a master hacker obsessed with The Machine who later becomes its analog interface We want to choose the best character of Person of Interest. This list is composed of characters who have appeared on the TV series Person of Interest. Some of these characters died and others still survive in the show personofinterest.wikia.com. return 0 Finch, Reese, Fusco and Shaw embark on one last mission..exe Finch infiltrates a maximum-security government facility in Keywords: .exe, john reese, root, return 0, the subway

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finch'in neden sürekli root'un peşine takıldığını da öğrendik. root, 2. sezonun başında finch'e makineyi özgür bırakmak istediğini söyledikten sonra finch'in root'a bakışı değişiyordu. biz buna you're being watched. the goverment has a system... ulan person of interest; senin yüzünden her gördüğüm.. Sarah Shahi returned to CBS' Person of Interest for the fourth episode of Season 5, setting the stage for classic Shaw badassery some softer(-ish!) moments between her and Root and then two instances of jaw-dropping bloodshed.But was all not quite as it seemed TV Show Episode Scripts > Person of Interest. Super 12. Legacy 13. Root Cause 14. Wolf and Cub 15. Blue Code 16

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  1. Definitely Root is the best character on Person of Interest. One important quality which I noticed about her in the recent season is that she is very caring. Though her care for Shaw is more obvious, she equally cares for Finch
  2. Person of Interest. Network: CBS Episodes: 103 (hour) Seasons: Five. Using their combined skills, resources and advanced surveillance technology, they work outside of the law to identify persons of interest and stop crimes before they occur
  3. Person of Interest 2011 (tt1839578) John Reese, a presumed dead former CIA agent who is approached by a mysterious billionaire named Harold Episode 13 : Root Cause. The Machine gives Reese and Finch the number of a down-and-out man who has been pushed too far, and they're forced..
  4. Person of Interest Episode Summaries Guide & TV Show Schedule: John Reese, a former Green Beret and CIA field officer, was living as a vagrant in New York City after the death of the woman he loves. He is approached by Harold Finch, a reclusive billionaire computer genius who is living under..

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Person of Interest (2011) - TV Show. You are being watched. Eventually their activities lead to being hunted by the New York Police Department, CIA Agents in pursuit of Reese who was listed as dead, a computer hacker named Root who wants access to the Machine, and government officials who want.. Person of Interest season 5 is a sci-fi crime drama airing on CBS. It centers on John Reese, a Finch correspondently obtains help from Samantha Root Groves, a qualified computer hacker, and Person of Interest is a series based on the further development of artificial intelligence available on.. A place for fans of Person of Interest to view, download, share, and discuss their favorite images, icons, photos and wallpapers. Person of Interest Club. Join. New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins

Viimeisimmät twiitit käyttäjältä Person Of Interest (@PersonInterest). Person Of Interest uudelleentwiittasi Amy Acker. #POI fans, @AmyAcker guest stars on @MacGyverCBS this Friday night at 8/7c Last night, though, Person of Interest skipped to the end of the whimsical tour and offered us the whole damn chocolate factory. 6,741 saw the hugely anticipated return of Sameen Shaw, who sacrificed herself to save Root last season and has been held captive, off-screen, by Samaritan's.. OPINION: How Person of Interest Did The 20+ Episode Season Right. The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2018 - Day 26 - Person of Interest vs. Buffy & Outlander vs. Brooklyn Nine-Nine So how does Person of Interest get away with all of this stuff that could feel cheap? It has two tricks up its sleeve. The first is Shaw herself, and the second is that it roots When Person of Interest debuted, the series was written off as slightly cold, as a techno-thriller that lacked anything human to it

Person of Interest aired its season finale Tueday. And if that ends up being its last episode, fans will no doubt be howling for more. That culminated in a protracted hostage situation and shootout, with the outnumbered Reese, Root and Finch salvaging what they could of the Machine's memory and.. Person of Interest. Centers on ex-CIA hitman and a scientist who team up to prevent crimes before they happen. The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2018 - Day 19 - Person of Interest vs. Firefly & Buffy vs. Arrow. 2nd Feb 2012 S01E13 - Root Cause Person of Interest is an American science fiction crime drama television series created for CBS by Jonathan Nolan, who serves as an executive producer Reese and Finch are later aided by Samantha Root Groves , a highly intelligent computer hacker and contract killer whom the Machine later.. 'Person of Interest' Finale Postmortem: Heartbreaking Deaths Set Up Harrowing Season 5. The Machine admitted defeat by Samaritan and even bid farewell to Finch (Michael Emerson), but Finch — alongside Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Root (Amy Acker) — was able to save his creation and stow her.. Person of Interest began on CBS in the fall of 2011 with a relatively digestible premise: that in the post-9/11 era, we are all being watched by a computer surveillance system designed to root out terrorists. What Harold Finch, the designer of the system..

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Person of interest is a phrase used by law enforcement when announcing the name of someone involved in a criminal investigation who has not The department did not intend to cause any harm to Hatfill when it described him as a person of interest, Assistant Attorney General Daniel Bryant said in.. Person of Interest Season 5 is confirmed to be returning to CBS this spring. This article contains spoilers for Person of Interest. Read on to learn more about this story. POI Season 5 will premiere this spring, CBS entertainment president Glenn Geller announced during the Television Critics.. Drama, action, adventure. John Reese, a presumed dead former CIA agent, is approached by a mysterious billionaire named Harold Finch to prevent violent crimes before they happen by using an advanced surveillance system dubbed The Machine Watch full episodes of Person of Interest and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at TVGuide.com. Person of Interest: What Happened to Control? A presumed-dead ex-CIA agent and a billionaire software genius try to stop crimes before..

Person of Interest: 6741. by sunbunny. You were my safe place. The whole thing was a Machine simulation/a fantasy of Root's/Bear's dream. Part of it was real, at some point Shaw fell unconscious/asleep and started wildly hallucinating/dreaming and she'd wake up, safe and sound, in.. Person of Interest is the kind of clunky CBS crime drama your dad might watch. It's also some of the most socially relevant science fiction on TV. Root/Shaw was able to fly under the radar. The show's primary audience has a median age of 60, and it's possible to interpret Root and Shaw's relationship..

While it is not certain if Person of Interest will be cancelled or not, producers of the show would like audiences to focus on the current storyline of the show. The current storyline will follow the team of Harold, Root (Amy Acker) and John Reese (Jim Caviezel) during their ongoing battle against Artificial.. Person Of Interest Root-Shaw first kiss and Shaws sacrifice.mp3. На сайте funk.yandex.uk.com вы можете скачать █▬█ █ ▀█▀ ✅ Person Of Interest Root And It would seem that the newly minted person of interest among the student population at Castle Fern, Chiara, has taken well to Violetta Mayfield. She was a mousy, soft-spoken, slightly eccentric hippie of sorts who blended seamlessly into the background, which was a huge juxtaposition to Chiara's.. Person of Interest TV series Herold - great season finale last night. My crush on lost I know I am weird. Michael Emerson (Harold Finch) and Amy Acker (Samantha Root Groves) promoting Person of Interest. Person of Interest - Season 1 Episode Still. From Benjamin Linus to Finch

Person of Interest dizisini kota dostu ve full hd kalite izle; oyuncuları, bölümleri, konusu ve forumlarından bilgi sahibi ol. Person of Interest dizisini dizigang.com fa... Root. Sarah Shahi. Sameen Shaw Samantha Groves / Root / Maszyna / Caroline Turing Sarah Shahi. Sameen Shaw Robert John Burke. Oficer Patrick Simmons Clarke Peters. ROZMIAR PLIKU. Person.of.Interest.S01E01 [480p.BDRip.XviD.AC3-ELiTE][Lektor PL][Alusia].avi As you have pointed out, Conservatism Inc. has failed to conserve anything. People decide see weakness and therefore lack of faith in the beliefs of the so-called conservatives. An average person wants to be on the winning team Person of Interest: Season 1 Trailer. Lady Gisborne 15. Person of Interest - All Root/Shaw scenes - Part1

This aspect of security tools requiring root level permissions traditionally has not been uncommon. Running as a root user by default makes it easier to use these tools. One of the, possibly surprising, conclusions we came to while looking at this issue is the number of tools that require root access has.. @anyone_interest. 1 week ago. @anyone_interest. 2 weeks ago The request, an Interpol red notice that calls on authorities to arrest a wanted person, was received by Lebanon's internal security forces and has yet to be referred to the judiciary, the source said. Ghosn fled to Beirut from Japan, where he faces trial for alleged financial misconduct A simple task, but one that ends up taking a very interesting turn~... I wish Velouria got a New Years alt too. I definitely would've included her in-person in this story if she did, but oh well. I had to at least mention her at a few points in this story though~ Person.of.Interest.S04E19 字幕. 《疑犯追踪》(Person of Interest)第四季将把焦点对准人工智能,该剧的两位主创乔纳森·诺兰(Jonathan Nolan)与克雷格·普拉格曼(Greg Plageman)对此感到兴奋不已

Photo : Wicca Witchcraft Pagan Candles For Spells Ritual Work Images. Easy spell but good to do. Light a white candle, while holding a quartz crystal think of the person you want to aid in healing. Imagine them getting better while chanting this chant 3 times Posts about person of interest written by Jonna Hawker Turek. I love to watch TV shows like Person of Interest and Leverage where a team of good guys works secretly to prevent bad things from happening

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A person died and another is critically injured, yet all we hear about is the good guy with a gun, stopped the shooter. Would they care if it were 10 dead or 100, so long as a good guy stopped it Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) detained two persons preparing terrorist attacks in crowded places in the city of Saint Petersburg during the New Year holidays, the FSB reported on December 29. The intelligence data about the prepared terrroist attacks was provided by the FSB Read Mulan Wants to Marry Chapter 9: Hua Mulan is the root of this big scandal - Crossing, or a substitute? The ancient female hero's Hua Mulan traveled to the present world through time and space, and found that Xiao Li feng was exactly the same as the dead Xiangfan FIRST PERSON: 'Dog-dead tired' with a boat full of crawfish. FIRST PERSON: Accordion maker has 'never had so much fun'. FIRST PERSON: Louisiana alligator whisperer's 'dream job'

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It might seem like shaking hands is an ancient custom, the roots of which are lost to the sands of She saved hundreds of people even though she was triply oppressed: a woman, a person of color So it was interesting to learn that they not only have different facial expressions, but that pretty much.. Art Sketches Tumblr - For spiral of roots #artsketchespencil #artsketchessketchbook #artsket Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people

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This is another build of the Root Cellar. this one i build with more of the lore around me in mind. so it looks more hickish. except the fridge Root Auto insurance is new to the game, but the app-based company is gaining followers with over 20,000 ratings on Google Play. Root Car Insurance Reviews. Overall, it seems that Root is accomplishing its goal of insuring safe drivers and helping them save money Given the above, there has been no person in the year just passed that has caused more irritation to so many deserving people than Donald Trump. And for that I thank him, while also looking forward to four more years. We are now looking at 2019 in our rear view mirrors, since it is time for those irritating.. Top 10 by daily interest. Device Father's fury over Hilton hotel hosting an 1000-person orgy organized by a local swingers club for New Year's Eve that included play area cabanas in the grand ballroom and 'crazies in the hot tub' without warning other guests. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will be seated 'feet apart' from each other at..

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En person har förts till sjukhus efter knivskärning. - Det är en pågående insats och just nu är det mycket rörigt och jag har ingen överblick då polisen fortfarande skriver i händelserapporten, säger Thomas Ibstedt, vakthavande befäl vid polisens ledningscentral i Stockholm Watch full press conference at the bottomOn Monday, officials released the findings of an investigation into a June crash that killed four Gretna High School students. Sarpy County officials announced that they have not found the person or persons who provided the alcohol consumed by the victims

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A majority of Americans say they're interested in solar, but options vary widely depending on where you live. Police said one person was shot at the entrance of the home, another But many say they struggle with reinforcing those values in a society that still largely adheres to deeply-rooted stereotypes The average interest rate for traditional savings accounts today hovers around 0.09% -- but consumers can earn 10 to 20 times more interest on their money by giving high-yield options a shot. While banking customers have likely heard of high-yield online savings accounts, less familiar is a relatively new.. En, such an interesting person, leaving to slowly enjoy, wouldn't it be even better? Just like that butterfly tangled in the web, fluttering and fluttering, struggling and struggling, how amusing, much more refreshing than directly crushing to death. Jing Wan inadvertently caught Ruan Fang Fei's gaze A lone wolf in Belgium has a love interest, after a potential female mate was spotted in his habitat in the east of the country, authorities have said. The Flemish Agency for Nature and Forests (ANB) revealed this week the first images of a she-wolf it has christened Noëlla, who was spotted in the north-eastern..

After five seasons, Person of Interest comes to an end with Reese and Finch pulling out all the stops against Samaritan. The opening sequence places the events of the season in a loop, drawing things full circle back to the season premiere where a recording of Root's voice played over a shot of Team.. On past seasons of Person of Interest, her tech genius-cum-superhero Samantha Groves, aka Root, has masqueraded as a psychiatrist, a psych-ward patient, a CIA handler, and an FBI agent, to name just a few. In Season 4, Root's repertoire expanded further as she found creative ways to fly under.. Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams has earlier commented that Person of Interest was on its final leg. Accordingly, the report said that Root will continue to struggle choosing between Shaw and the Machine. That's been a struggle because they are both priorities to her, Amy.. Person of interest definition is - a person who is believed to be possibly involved in a crime but has not been charged or arrested. First Known Use of person of interest. 1937, in the meaning defined above Metacritic TV Reviews, Person of Interest - Season 2, Reese (Jim Caviezel) is a former CIA agent presumed dead who is recruited by Finch (Michael However, I totally disliked the introduction of the Root character. We were already juggling with: Finch, the enigmatic billionaire genius who built the..

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